It’s finally happening – HBO will sell over the Internet next year

This is some of the most exciting TV news I’ve heard all year. So exciting that it made me want to update this poor, neglected blog!

Remember a while ago when there was a petition to have HBO offer a standalone service? I never thought it would actually happen, and many people in the industry argued that the money and politics just wouldn’t work out. Obviously we were wrong, and that’s awesome.

More coverage on Re/code. And this, which made me giggle:

#CannesLions 2014: A life-changing experience

I just got back from ten amazing days in France, where I was working for Twitter at the #CannesLions advertising festival. It. Was. Fabulous. It was also incredibly hard — 16-17 hour days, juggling tons of things at once, lots of hurdles and challenges…but I emerged stronger and damn proud of myself!

So, what exactly did I do there? I live-tweeted selected sessions from @TwitterAds, edited and uploaded all our #dronies (drone selfies!) to Twitter, uploaded other awesome videos that our filmmakers were creating on-the-fly and wrote recap blog posts each day for

Check out my blog posts for highlights from the week.