Remember That Time I Went to Skywalker Ranch?

Hi. My name is Eleanor and I’m addicted….to Star Wars.

Say what you will, but I am a die-hard fan of the original trilogy (we won’t talk about those new “movies” here)

In August of 2009 I had what will be one of the most memorable experience of my life. I was able to tour Skywalker Ranch and Big Rock Ranch, another part of the George Lucas Compound. This was one of the most amazing days of my life. I flew from Boston, MA to San Francisco, CA and after a rental car fiasco that involved my boss uh, finagling, us a car, we drove to Lucas Valley Road. The entrance to Big Rock Ranch is a very unassuming driveway (yes, with a big rock out front).

The premises was quiet…deserted, actually. The atmosphere was almost church-like and trust me, I felt like I was in the presence of something very, very sacred. And to me, it was. I’ve always LOVED Star Wars. The amazing sci-fi story, the characters, the epic love story…all of it. Obviously I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside, but seeing the original AT-AT walker, the light saber, and other artifacts of the movie was absolutely mind-blowing. You may call me a nerd, but if you love Star Wars as much as I do, you’ll understand.

I was too enthralled to take many photos, so here are the four I took.

The Main Building at Big Rock Ranch

Yoda and Me!

Skywalker Ranch

The View from Skywalker Ranch Porch


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