Timing is Everything

In case you’re interested in more than just a snapshot…

I’ve learned a lot of important lessons thus far, and I think the most important is that timing is everything – in your personal and professional lives. Below is the timeline of Eleanor!

Back in the Day…

I’m originally a small town girl – Purcellville, Virginia to be exact. These days it’s not the small town that it once was, but I still love going home to dirt roads and stars in the sky. My interest in media didn’t develop until high school when I was introduced to the amazing world of video editing with Adobe Premier.

I spent my senior year in London, England, where I discovered a love for art video. I quickly found my ultimate joy – fast-paced videos that evoke a certain feeling. Final Cut Pro was my weapon of choice (and it still is). Check out my production work here.

My passion for video was furthered at Emerson College in Boston, but it wasn’t until my final years that I realized an affinity towards entrepreneurship and the business world. I took a one year course called E3 – The Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship. Despite my trepidation with “this business thing,” I couldn’t deny my curiosity and I ended up winning first place in the business plan competition.

I combined all of this and grew tremendously, both personally and professionally, with a fabulous start-up company called Changents. I was thrown face-first into the world of social media and that’s when everything changed. I started out thinking my career would be in production and editing, but after learning the ins and outs of Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc, I couldn’t deny my talent and desire to provoke discussion, thought, and change through the Internet.

And Today…?

I’m the Marketing Coordinator for a wonderful non-profit called From the Top. This organization produces an NPR radio show that highlights the talents of America’s best young classical musicians. I write blogs, tweets, and Facebook updates about our country’s phenomenal musical talents under the age of 18. I’ve always believed strongly in the importance of arts in our society and I’m so glad I can help support and promote the next generation’s musicians  on a daily basis.

To Sum it Up…

I believe the way media (film, TV shows, web video) is produced will be changing drastically in the coming years. Networks and producers are now looking to the “second screen” to guide their content choices, and while the technology is rip-roaring ahead, consumers aren’t quite ready to surrender their cable boxes and movie theater tickets. I am studying this change between how people consume media and give feedback and how the content is created and distributed.

We can’t predict exactly where the industry will go, but it’s damn exhilarating to be part of the ride!


2 responses to “Timing is Everything

  1. Eleanor, this is amazing! Congratulations on being an innovative, skilled, and successful professional!

    • Thanks Ryan! To be honest, I think it was actually when I began reading your blog that I started to think maybe I should give the whole writing thing a shot…and here we are :) Hope all is well with you!

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