Netflix Watch Instantly + Wii = The Beginning of the End?

I woke up this morning to a fabulous email from Netflix: watch instantly will now be available for the Wii, and all you need is a free disc to get it set up! “Heck yeah,” I thought to myself.  I ordered my disc, and then sat back to dream about all the great TV shows and movies I’ll have at my fingertips…and that got me thinking.

Is technology like this the beginning of the end for DVDs?

With more and more people going digital, and technology only feeding our frenzy for instant gratification, I believe it’s possible that DVDs may go the way of VHS tapes.  Now you can instantly stream shows and movies via, Netflix, Amazon, etc, without the hassle of getting up to go to the dang movie store. What does this mean?

In fact, Blockbuster in Porter Square went outta business a couple months ago. Is the glory of Netflix to blame? It’s likely.

I’ll admit it: I love instant gratification. When I want something, I often want it now.  That’s one of my generation’s trademarks.  And corporations are latching on to this idea and going full speed ahead with satisfying our never ending cravings for incredible technology at lightning fast speeds.

I think there are perks to going digital vs buying tons of DVDs. For one, less DVDs mean less environmental waste.  Though DVDs are more hardy than their VHS grandparents, they can still wear out. (Note to self: make DVD duplicate of my very first video project…wouldn’t want to lose that!) But on the flip side, hard drives can crash. Files can get corrupted. Nothing is forever. (This is why I spent the $$ to buy Stanley, my RAID server with redundant back up, so the chances of my losing my video files are highly unlikely!)

The only thing I know for sure is I will definitely love having Netflix on my Wii, and I’m interested to see how this type of technology progresses in the next few years.



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