How It All Started

I recently scored a new job with From The Top, “the preeminent showcase for America’s best young musicians.” On May 24th I’ll be starting as their new Marketing and Communications Coordinator.  Needless to say, I am WICKED excited!  I’ll be doing some of the things I love the most: social media marketing, communication, and most importantly, supporting America’s talented youth. (I may even get to help out with some videos, we’ll see!) One thing I’ve missed the most about my days were meeting all the AMAZING individuals from all over the globe who are doing their best to positively change our, let’s face it, sometimes tough world.  This job will give me the chance to help out kids with amazing musical talents–something that will be incredibly fun, energizing, and important.

Interviewing with From The Top made me think about what got me into video/media from the get go.  When I was growing up my parents insisted on two things – that I play a musical instrument and participate in a sport. At the time I thought it was cruel punishment – while my friends got to relax at night and watch The Simpsons I was forced to practice clarinet…which I’ve long since given up, sorry Mom.

It wasn’t until I got to London for my senior year of high school that I finally got what my parents were getting at: they wanted me to find a passion, something that would drive me beyond all else, something that would make me pick up and go even when I was battered down to the core. Lucky for me, and thanks to an incredibly talented and passionate teacher named Hope Tucker at The American School in London, I found it: video.

Do you have a favorite movie, or at least TV show?  Chances are, it’s your favorite because of the way it makes you feel – happy, sad, excited, whatever.  And that’s what really grabbed hold of me – the idea that media can make you FEEL something.  And not only you… it can connect you with humans all over the world based on the emotions it evokes when you watch it (or hear it). You can identify with someone who may even speak another language via media, all because it made you both FEEL the same way.

That’s what got me fired up – the idea that I could create something that will make you FEEL.  That is so powerful! And I love it! I don’t mind when I see a scene in a TV show that makes me feel so uncomfortable that I want to get up and walk out of the room (believe it, it does happen to me!) It means that those producers achieved their goal 100% – they are influencing me.  Maybe this isn’t always a good thing, but it’s a real thing.  And that is beyond cool.


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