Interview With Keith Lockhart + Boston Pops Filming!

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day! From the Top, the non-profit where I work my day job, had their annual gala. This year was special because not only is it our 10th Anniversary, but we put on a show with the Boston Pops! I’d never seen them in concert before so watching last night was quite the treat, especially because I got to hear six amazingly talented young musicians play with them as we recorded our show #217 for radio broadcast!

But listening to great music was only one cool part. The best part about yesterday was that I got to help interview Keith Lockhart, Maestro and Conductor of the Boston Pops! This was quite an honor and meeting him in person was surreal. He gave us an amazing interview as well! If you’ve ever done interviews for camera before, you know that it can be quite tricky getting the interviewee to rephrase the question properly and speak in succient bytes that will be good for your videos. Keith. Was. A. Pro. In 30 minutes he gave us some amazing material with which to plug into a couple video promos. Awesome!

The other cool part about last night was that I got to help film two of the performers during the concert! I set the HVX200 we borrowed from Daniel up in the first balcony, and recorded 9-year-old Umi Garrett, pianist-extraordinaire, and Michelle Lee, tap dancing violinist. I used the FS-100, of course, because who wants to record to tape anymore?!

Here’s the video we used the Keith Lockhart footage for:

And here’s the Boston Pops footage:


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