My Long Lost Love – Art Video

It’s been years since I fooled around to make any sort of art video, and I realized that fact really saddens me since art video is how I came into this world in the first place! I discovered this video while doing research on classical music blogs at work, and it really awakened me to this world I’ve been missing from.

Freedom Tunnel from Charles le Brigand on Vimeo.

Ever since I lived in London I’ve had this wisp of an idea to create art videos comprised of very short shots, edited very fast (as I love to edit) that portray the feelings of the city. Looking back, I REALLY wished I had done this in London, as it’s such a dynamic, colorful and freaking exciting city, but doing a couple of these for Boston would be interesting. Right now I have ideas for a day in the life of the city and the 9-5 drudgery. I want these videos to be short, no more then 2 minutes max, and the main purpose is to make the viewer FEEL whatever the video is about. I love playing with emotions and video…it’s why I got into it in the first place.

London seems so long ago. There’s a lot I miss, especially my art video teacher Hope and Chris, the media guy at ASL. I won an award for art video that year and I feel like I’ve sorta let them down by not pursuing it. But then again, very few types of art actually pay the bills these days….especially in this economic climate. Oh well. At least I have a good job and I work with people I really like!

That being said, I MUST make an effort to do more video. Seriously, Eleanor. You only studied it for five years.


One response to “My Long Lost Love – Art Video

  1. yes please! i’d like to see more videos.. greetings from namesake elinor:)

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