So, What Do You Do?

Ahh, the dreaded holiday party question.

“It’s nice to meet you, Eleanor. What do you do?”

“Frankly, I don’t have a clue.”

Unfortunately, that response isn’t exactly kosher in the working world. So here’s my short answer:

I am the Marketing Coordinator for From the Top, a small non-profit that showcases the country’s best young classical musicians. I do a lot of social media including Twitter, Facebook, and blogging (which I very much enjoy!) and I also write press releases, help maintain the website, and provide communication support for projects like our Arts Leadership initiative.

Yeah. For someone like me who thrives on teamwork and creative problem solving, it’s not the most thrilling job. Don’t get me wrong – From the Top is an amazing organization that truly helps many young musicians in our country…but marketing just ain’t my thang…you know? And it’s not particularly challenging, which is becoming a problem. I thrive on a rocky road.

I got to thinking that maybe it’d be a good idea to figure out what I’m really, truly GOOD at. What I’m MADE to do. Maybe if I can figure that out, I can discover the perfect career for myself (let’s face it-though the idea of being a homemaker really appeals to my anal-retentive controlling cleanliness side, I’d go crazy. I need challenge. I need problems. I need to have a career)

Eleanor is good at:

  1. Observing and drawing intelligent conclusions
  2. Being efficient – TIME IS MONEY. PERIOD. Since I entered the non-profit world and realized just how right all those business/start-up people were,  I cannot stress this enough.
  3. Communication*
  4. Following up
  5. Technology**
  6. Organization, especially action items and spreadsheets
  7. Video editing
  8. Editorial writing (lil’ bit creative, lil’ bit informative)
  9. Moderating and general management
  10. Injecting humor and personality
  11. Connecting the dots
  12. Being ELEANOR

Ok, so what job description fits all of the above and is in the creative relm?


*Not to sound egotistical, but I mean communication in all aspects of the word. I’m good at relaying my ideas to you. I’m good at understanding what you’re saying/where you’re going with that. I’m good at making my intentions and next steps clear to you. I’m good at following directions and I ask lots of questions to ensure I’m on the right track. I love communicating – in both my professional and personal lives. I enjoy being efficient and intelligent with my communications. I love when things get done ahead of schedule because of clear communication. People who have a habit of saying the same thing multiple times with colorful language do not tickle my fancy. Get to your point. Tell me what you want to do. Let’s make it happen.

**Technology is a rather broad subject and I have a really diverse skill set within it. I’m pretty darn good at all sorts of troubleshooting – hardware, software, network (though my server-speak is rudimentary) I love playing “help desk” with people at work and solving an irksome tech issue is something I find most satisfying…it just makes me HAPPY! I am well versed in all your basic and prosumer office software and video and image editing programs. I’m well acquainted with Drupal (will someone PLEASE build a better text editing module?) and know basic HTML. Vertical Response and Constant Contact are my best buds, and you shouldn’t even be asking about Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In. You get the point, so I’ll digress for now.


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