2011 WordPress Challenge = Blog Daily. Uh, Really?

Pinned to the wall in my office is a piece of paper with the following stats:

900,000 blog posts per day. 22.6 million bloggers. Most blogs average 1 reader. Content abundant. Attention scarce. (I’m sure those numbers have gone up in the time that piece of paper has been on the wall!)

I think that just about sums up my feelings when it comes to the 2011 WordPress Challenge to blog daily.

Yes, I’m aware that by writing this I’m kinda a hypocrite. But I actually feel strongly about this subject, which is why you’re reading this.

One reason why I don’t post all the time is because I really don’t like talking (or blogging) just for the sake of doing it. Unless I truly have something to say, I just don’t do it. There’s a LOT of content out there. Most of it is useless. Ok, maybe encouraging all bloggers to post more will create some great articles and discussions…but for the other 99% of the blogosphere, it’s just going to jam our Twitter and Facebook feeds even more!

While I like that WordPress is providing topics to brainstorm on…I just don’t see how this is going to be beneficial to most of us. Call my a cynic but if you don’t have something legit and intelligent to say, well, you know.

It drives me NUTS when I took at my Twitter feed and all I see are people tweeting blog posts – and we’re talking 10-15 a DAY, per person! There’s no way you’d EVER keep up with that. Since when did over-saturation become the hottest new marketing tactic (Oh god, is it? Did I miss something?)

Content abundant. Attention scarce. Yup.

That being said, you bet your ass I’m tweeting this post with #postaday2011.


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