Hill Holiday’s TVnext

I am thrilled about attending Hill Holiday’s TVnext tomorrow in Boston, and many thanks to @hillholiday for the invite!

In particular I’m looking forward to the TV gets social section – topics will include reviving live viewing, enabling the backchannel, discovering new content, and gaining real-time audience insight.

I first got interested in real-time audience insight a few months ago while doing clips for The Paley Center for Media’s panel discussion on The Apprentice. Ivanka Trump described how she monitors Twitter during the show’s broadcast and answers questions, engages viewers, etc. Hearing her talk about it (and to be honest, I was slightly surprised at the caliber of insight she offered) really got me thinking about how you don’t just watch TV today – you’re watching TV, checking Facebook, and Tweeting all at once. (more on that from me here)

Hill Holiday will be streaming the event on Ustream, which is an obvious move, but also reinforces the future of media! I’d be interested to know the number of people who tune in, and you bet I’ll be following #TVnext on Twitter to see what people are saying in real-time.

Needless to say, I’m over the moon that I get to attend tomorrow, and will be reporting back next week!


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