Finding My Voice

Of course the week I ponder my blog voice is when my real voice decides to almost-but-not-quite disappear. Guess it was a symptom of much talking and laughing with my best friend Jessie, who braved freezing cold temps to see me this weekend! Anyways.

::clears throat::

I have no idea how to achieve the balance I want on this blog between my professional opinions and my personal voice.

It’s important to me that I maintain my personality here. I read SO many blogs that are well written and give you good insight and facts and graphs and pretty pictures and blah blah blah, but none of them can inspire me like a blog that makes me feel like I have a personal connection with the author (and elicit a YEAH! Das wut I’m talkin’ bout!)

How do I inject enough “Eleanorness” into my writing that people get a flavor of who I am, but aren’t overwhelmed by exclamation points or silly sentences with alliteration? I think it’s necessary to maintain some professionalism, but I want my stuff to be as fun to read as it is to write!

Part of me wants to say Fuck It and just write how I want to write, about what I want to write about.

But a larger part of me says it would be more advantageous to write to …. not impress, but appeal to future employers, industry contacts, influencers who may stumble across this path, etc. Obviously a combination is ideal. But…what’s the secret ingredient? Can’t I just be me? Isn’t that enough?

::Three hours later::

Hot damn, look what I found! I have to say, this post (and Emilie’s blog in general) is exactly what I was looking for! Emilie writes:

…What’s important isn’t the number of hours you’ve got under your belt. If your style and personality resonate with someone, you’ll be able to give that person exactly what they’re looking for. And that may be something that even an ‘expert’ can’t provide.

This is why it’s so important to pour your personality into everything that you do. Your uniqueness is your calling card. Feature it.

Obviously now that I’ve discovered Puttylike, I will have yet MORE rebranding to do here, but I don’t feel as scared and alone anymore. That’s freaking sweet.


2 responses to “Finding My Voice

  1. Eleanor, you’re awesome! :)

    First of all, I wouldn’t fret too much over your voice. You’re doing a fantastic job already. Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

    I’ve thought a lot about this issue though. Like you, I enjoy getting pretty personal on the blog. But I also don’t want to make my posts all about ME. The structure I’ve found that tends to work is starting my posts with a personal anecdote and then pulling out a principle that other people can apply. I’ve found this works quite nicely.

    But then again, even the posts that are really all about me tend to elicit good responses anyway. People naturally throw out comparisons to experiences in their own lives. We all really love reading about other people’s lives, especially people with unique voices/stories.

    So yeah, to return to my first point, I wouldn’t worry too much. :)

    • Thanks for the tip about starting with a personal story. I just realized that when I see blogs that do that, I’m instantly drawn in…as long as the main point (and something applicable to me) follows soon after. I think I’ll try to work that in more!

      I really want to thank you for all your support! I figured you were a banging cool chick when I read your site, but I have been so impressed with the way you interact with your community (and me!) that I know you are SUPER AWESOME! Looking forward to your second podcast on my way to work tomorrow morning!

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