2 responses to “Social Engagement Face-Off: Twitter vs. Facebook

  1. I’m not sure either is better. Twitter will only be successful if you, as someone seeking engagement, either have an awful lot of followers or are partnering with someone famous who does. Plus, only subscribers acquire the information. On the other hand, facebook is useful for spreading information quickly via wall posts and news feeds, which are viewed by dozens of people who would not normally read them, but this information is largely irrelevent and ignored.

    I suppose ultimately it depends on your purpose. Twitter is getting more attention in the media because, ultimately, it is a lot easy to cover. But I think we need to take an academic approach to measure impact. After all, someone is a lot more likely to embrace something suggested by a friend they have known for years than a celebrity they follow out of curiosity.

  2. Eleanor Dowling

    You last point is incredibly valid – someone is a lot more likely to embrace a friend’s suggestion. This topic was actually discussed at length during Hill Holiday’s #TVnext in the context of advertising, with the consensus being exactly what you said.

    I had a thought about this whole thing Sunday night while watching the Oscars: “Facebook is for friends, Twitter is for everyone else.” At this point I’m starting to feel like they are serving two different purposes, at least for people like me.

    Anyways, thanks for your comment! I love hearing other people’s opinions :)

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