Social Engagement #Win: Old Spice Guy

Even before I started this blog and really began writing about social engagement in television and film, I was fascinated by the Old Spice Guy ads – particularly with the speed and scope of how they went viral. I think they’re a great example of how mainstream media and advertising can be used to engage an audience on the second+ screens.

Aside from the fact that Isaiah Mustafa is one attractive man with a liquid-gold voice, the commercials are really well produced. The first one I saw had me immediately hooked with the seamless effects and funny script. Old Spice jumped on the first wave of viral success, and followed it up with a fabulous, albeit obvious, idea: Let’s integrate fan feedback into the campaign!

While that’s not exactly a ground-breaking tactic, the way they did it was pure awesome. I mean, they had Isaiah doing marriage proposals from a Tweet!

That was way back in Summer 2010, and they still have me hooked today – hours ago, I saw this making-of video on Twitter and had to share it:

Maybe it’s the production freak in me, but doesn’t that set just look like FUN?

I tend to be very critical of advertising (I find most of it contrived and just…lame), but I adore what Old Spice has done. I haven’t run out to buy my boyfriend any of their products, but I think the fact that I’m blogging about them right now = success for them. Free advertising, right?

I wonder if they’d see me as a converted consumer purely because I love their ads enough to write about them…or does it take me spending money to get switched onto their “success” column? I don’t work in advertising, so I dunno.


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