I’m Just Gonna Say It: Twitter Follower #s Mean Nothing

Last week I wrote about the Piers Morgan Tonight Twitter show, and my blog link was retweeted by @PiersTonight to 36k+ people. The result? A sizable spike in blog traffic, some new Twitter followers, and zero blog comments.

God I hope my writing isn’t that bad…

Recently I’ve seen a lot of articles about Twitter numbers – Mashable posted about how only 0.05% of users are creating 50% of the tweets. There are many other articles debunking the Klout methodology, or talking about the “noisy minority’s domination.”  Well, duh. It’s all about content + relationships.

I feel like people don’t understand that Twitter is still an infant.  We’ve merely glimpsed the power of this global conversation with events like the uprisings in Egypt. A real-time, information network like this has infinite potential – how is that not obvious?  Why aren’t more companies harnessing the power of Twitter? Do people really think it’s just a fad? Am I crazy to have such blind faith?

All I know is that Twitter delivers to me real-time updates about very important things: “Mad Men” resigning with AMC. Netflix producing “House of Cards.” Zach Braff’s on-going bromance with Donald Faison. You know, the stuff that MATTERS.

Oh, and for the record, I have 156 followers right now.  Most of those are probably spam-bots or empty houses. You can laugh, but I’m not worried because I believe in what I write about.

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