Sword Fights and Blog Updates

Warning: This blog will soon be going through yet another round of updates.

I’ve been working with my friend Daniel to create a header, and I’m contemplating another theme and/or color change. It’s been tricky figuring out exactly what I want this site to look like, and it doesn’t help that I keep changing my mind.

I was trying to fall asleep the other night but header ideas wouldn’t stop running through my brain. The only one that’s still stuck, five days later, is having Daniel create graphics that signify each major social platform and entertainment network, and then personify them for funsies.

For example, I’d have Twitter sword fighting Facebook, LinkedIn loitering while smoking a cigarette, MySpace rocking out with huge headphones on, totally oblivious, YouTube filming the sword fight and egging them on, and Google monitoring the whole thing over CCTV while furiously taking notes.

Yeah. Strange things happen in my brain.

Mostly I just want the Twitter T and the Facebook F trying to slice each other up.


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