Question for @PrimetimeEmmys Cougar Town Panel

A question for Bill Lawrence:

After reading your Hollywood Reporter interview from Sunday, I was
wondering if you think a company like Netflix, that’s independent of
networks, could use engagement tactics (like the ones you used for
Cougar Town) to take our entertainment experience to the next level on
a wide scale.

From your experience in the industry, would current and future tv
creators/producers/cast members be interested in that kind of
personalized experience? It obviously isn’t something that can be
automated, or done by interns, and the dedication it requires is
enormous – which is why I wonder about interest levels.

Honestly I think there’s a HUGE opportunity to use tactics like yours
to help TV shows boost audience and revolutionize the way people like
me interact with people like you! It’s a budding industry that I’m
dying to break into, and I think you’re on the forefront so I’d truly
value your thoughts on the above.


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