Facebook – Real-Time Ad Targeting

Back in March I read a super interesting article on Ad Age about Facebook starting to mine real-time conversations for ad targeting.

Yes, Facebook has been delivering targeted ads based on status updates and other posts for a while – but it’s never been instantaneous. Look at what I immediately noticed after updating my status this morning:

If it’s too small to see, basically I had included the words “Colorado” and “precious” in my post. As you can see from the screen shot, I was instantly given options for “related to your post” over on the left. This caused two reactions for me:

  1. Wow, that was fast. Looks like Facebook is making real-time headway!
  2. Obviously the context was not taken into account. If the algorithms were truly intelligent, they’d offer me an ad for flowers or something you’d buy to bring to a wake. 

I wonder how long it will be until context and sentiment are crucial elements to the mathematics behind Facebook targeting. 


2 responses to “Facebook – Real-Time Ad Targeting

  1. Facebook gives me the creeps sometimes. Actually, Facebook gives me the creeps quite a bit. I’ve noticed this, and also I keep getting, “Have you been to (city) recently?” I don’t want them to know where I live or visit.

    • Eleanor Dowling

      It is getting creepier! I’ve turned off all location based stuff for Facebook because I just can’t see how literally tracking my physical location could be a good thing.

      Thanks for your comment :)

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