Twitter Journalism: Why You Should Take it Seriously

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Photo credit: Richmond Magazine

While social media is gaining speed and recognition within the journalism world, the buzz has centered on international events, specifically in the Middle East. NPR editor Andy Carvin showed Twitter’s potential when he became what the Guardian called a “one-man broadcast channel-cum-newswire.”

But what about domestic issues? For the most part, Twitter has not been an effective or powerful tool for journalists in America, reporting on American issues…until now.

New York Times reporter Brian Stelter recently demonstrated Twitter’s rightful place in the journalism industry through his coverage of the tornado outbreak in Joplin, Missouri in May, 2011.

We’ve heard about the resulting devastation and loss of human life, but unless your family was literally in a tornado’s path, it’s difficult to fully grasp the mental and emotional severity of the situation, even in this age of “Breaking News” and text alerts.

Enter Brian Stelter. In the span of 24 hours, Stelter used Twitter and Instagram to report on the Joplin tornados in a completely new way. He opened the window to his experience in real-time by sharing not just facts about the disaster, but also his own struggle to comprehend it. Click here to read more.


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