INSIDE: A Social TV Experience

I hadn’t heard much about this project, so I only took a few glances this afternoon. But when it was still going strong at 8pm I had to watch the trailer.

The INSIDE page on Facebook says:

Inside consists of film, videos and social media interactions. These pieces will live organically on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. But you can also see all highlights and films in one place at, as events happen.

Intel and Toshiba present a Social Film experience, from the director of “Disturbia,” starring Emmy Rossum and You.

Christina is a tough, resilient, 24-year old girl. She’s been trapped in a room. She has a laptop. And she needs your help to get out.

The website keeps going down (didn’t they anticipate the traffic?)

From a glance, it seems like Facebook has been far more engaged that Twitter on a pure numbers basis, but there’s still a lack of general buzz.

Just over 600 followers on Twitter. Really? (As of 8:30pm EST)

Christina’s first activity was three days ago. I didn’t hear about it until the first “episode” premiered today.

Conclusion: I love the idea, and I like the level of commitment they’re putting into this, but why isn’t there more of a following? Is it just early? The whole thing didn’t seem to be advertised too much (I like to think I would’ve at least heard SOMETHING about it before now).

Why is it sponsored by Intel and Toshiba?


2 responses to “INSIDE: A Social TV Experience

  1. Well said! I love this concept, but the promotion and execution are not what I would have expected. I did see an ad on Hulu for it today, and Mashable did a posting about it earlier this month, but it was not the large buzz I would expect. Now that I’ve visited the site, I’m seeing a lot of paid display ads, so perhaps today was the start of the “push”. Maybe they ran “previews” in movie theaters? The campaign’s media communication channels with the main character of the movie appear to have been targeted towards Twitter and FB, but to your point about fewer followers on Twitter, I think it was due to 2 reasons: 1) They promoted Christina’s FB page more prominently on the website home page and 2) FB was an easier medium to broaden the storyline, with supporting characters (her fictional friends) joining in the conversation, and for people to play “detective” in researching and helping her find out where she could be.

    As for the sponsorship, I think the product placement of the laptop is the key tie-in. Intel likes to launch innovative campaigns like this, and has been making a bigger presence in the entertainment industry lately ( on staff now?). A lot of the recent animated movies were created on systems based on Intel processors, so they have partnerships in the film industry.

    • Eleanor Dowling

      Thanks for your comment! Great insight, you know more about this than I do obviously. I think you’re right about FB being the easiest medium to expand the storyline – it sure wouldn’t be easy doing it in 140 characters on Twitter. And I didn’t know they had supporting characters also commenting on the conversation.

      I figured the laptop was the big product placement, but I wonder if there will be additional “pushes” for Intel and Toshiba… I hope not because I think it would totally take away from the story.

      I was amazed to see that it was still going strong when I got up this morning. But stamina isn’t everything; it’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out!

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