Social TV is Becoming More Mainstream – Three Things to Watch!

I’ve been remiss about updating my blog recently, but that doesn’t mean I’ve missed the exciting things happening around #SocialTV in the past few months. Here’s a quick roll-up of some main highlights and things to watch in the coming months:

Twitter and TV are sharing a bed and I love it. By @BrianStelter 
“The only powerful people now on TV are the people on Twitter and Facebook.” – Simon Cowell

Social Chatter – helping determine advertising #wins? From @BluefinLabs

Bluefin Labs is doing amazing work in #SocialTV – their algorithms are tracking social “expressions” (think social media posts) relevant to TV programming. In other words they know what you’re saying about the TV show you’re watching right now. And they’re delivering this data to key stakeholders – networks and advertisers. Scary? Yeah, a little. But also wicked cool when you think about the pure amount of raw data they sort through on a daily basis, not to mention the possible real-time applications to advertising and product placement!

The Netflix Crash of 2011. From @mashable

Netflix…Oh, Netflix. Like 800,000 other people I modified my subscription when the price was hiked at the end of the summer. I decided to forgo the DVDs (they just sit on my TV stand for weeks, anyways) and go streaming-only…but I’m beginning to regret that decision because the streaming options have gone steadily downhill. If Netflix can’t sign one big studio now and stop the bleeding, I’m gonna have to look to Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus. And that, my friends, feels like blasphemy. I’ve only been a huge advocate of Netflix for like five years.


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