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This is the Future of Advertising

The Super Bowl was last night, and as I’m sure you’ve heard if not seen, there was a major blackout during the third quarter. This problem for the game itself was actually a golden opportunity for advertisers.

I was thrilled to see a couple brands immediately take advantage of the situation. The key to this is timing, and having the ability to make quick decisions, execute, and most importantly – have those upstairs execs sign off on your creativity.

Here’s the best of the social TV advertising last night:

This is advertising I can get behind. It’s not a faceless corporation screaming messages at unconcerned consumers – it’s a dialogue where humor wins and personality shines through. I love it!

One Year in #SocialTV

One year ago today I started working at Bluefin Labs.

It’s hard to believe how much has changed since then – It’s been a TREMENDOUS year of professional and personal growth, of good times and stressful times, of fun and crazy amounts of work.

Last year's Super Bowl was during my first week at Bluefin. What an intro to social TV!

Last year’s Super Bowl was during my first week at Bluefin. Here I am wearing my old basketball jersey, watching the data come in. What an intro to social TV!

Above all else, I can’t help but feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity to work at a fantastic start-up, with some of the most brilliant, funny, and caring people I’ve ever met.

Bluefin Olympics Fishy

Jessica (Bluefin’s second social captain) and I decorated a tuna for the Olympics!

In the past year, I’ve:

  • Grown @BluefinLabs from 1,100 followers to almost 5,000
  • Blogged  about social TV in drama, comedy, and reality series, plus TV commercials and special events
  • Challenged my writing and editing skills with The Crowdwire, Bluefin’s election project. Director Bill Powers and I were especially proud of my “Lesson Learned” post on Super PACs.
  • Played a big role in the development of Bluefin’s company culture and Social Committee (so much fun!)
  • Confronted my fear of public speaking and taught social media at Boston Startup School

There’s no way to know what the next 365 days will bring, but I can’t wait to see what happens.


Anjali, Jeff, Mike Proulx of Hill Holliday, and me at Bluefin’s holiday party. Mike & HH’s TVNext was my original intro to social TV way back in 2011!