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“Haec Dies” – My latest video project

Since last fall I’ve been working with my former colleague and friend Tom Vignieri (aka Notorious VIG)  to produce a video of his latest composition, “Haec Dies.” My main video dude, Daniel Johnson, helped film and do color correction. We are WICKED proud of the results, check it out!

It’s new setting of the traditional Latin text “Haec dies” (This is the day) for SATB choir, organ & trumpet by composer Tom Vignieri. It was commissioned by Lisa Graham and the Metropolitan Chorale of Brookline (formerly Brookline Chorus) in celebration of their new name and premiered November 2011 at First Church in Cambridge, Mass. This recording was made at All Saints Parish in Brookline, MA.

Haec dies quam fecit Dominus: exultemus et laetemur in ea. Allelulia.
This is the day the Lord has made: let us be glad and rejoice in it. Allelulia.

Just a Bit of Fun…

I made my first new video in more than a year last night. It was FUN! This probably won’t be interesting to you, but I wanted to post it online anyways.

It shows so many things that are important to me.

Streaming Video: An Inevitable Rise to Domination

As a kid, I was never allowed to watch TV. “It’ll rot your brain!” My mother loved using those cliches to prove her point.

While I look back and approve of my parents’ decision (I have a firm belief this is why I excelled in school and sports), it’s also probably a factor in my adulthood obsession with media. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that TV and film are now part of my daily routine (even as I write that, I hear my mom’s words echoing in my head) but for me it’s about studying, not just watching, movies and shows. And what I’m studying are the choices (production, art, acting, airing, etc)  that are made on an episode/season/series/network/movie/genre basis.

Ok, that’s a pretty broad description but my point right now isn’t about what goes through my head when I watch Cougar Town, it’s about a conclusion I recently came to: streaming video will rule the world. Soon.

I have my LG TV to thank for this. While originally the 42-inch-HD-LCD-internet-ready-work-of-art seemed slightly excessive, I’m now hopelessly in love with this piece of technology for one simple reason: it streams Netflix….directly from the Internet.

Before you go all “uh whateves, my laptop can do that” on me, think about this: the video streams from the Netflix server directly to my HDTV. That’s it. There is no down-grade video rendering necessary in this equation (which is often the case with laptops, iPads, etc). There are no cables needed. The movies and shows look almost exactly like blu-ray. And they take less than 30 seconds to load. That fact alone is totally awesome! Of course this can all be attributed to the processing power of the TV, but still – the technology is available. There is no going back.

This week Hill Holiday is putting on TVnext, an event where industry leaders will explore the future of TV. They’ll be streaming the conference via Ustream for anyone to watch (see my point?).  A few weeks ago they asked Twitter what the future of TV is; My opinion? 1 screen. 1 power cord. Everything you could ever possible want to watch or research at your finger tips*.

Blockbuster is bankrupt. Network television as we know it is on it’s way out in favor of on-demand programming. Basically every new piece of technology that’s created is internet ready. It only makes sense that the next stop will be in our TVs as well. Video as we know it – from our favorite TV show and latest Johnny Depp film to Xbox’s newest game and CNN’s breaking newscasts – will stream directly to us when we want it and where we want it, on one piece of tech.

Why do I believe this so passionately? Because why WOULDN’T we want all that? I, for one, hate the fire hazard of cords that lurks behind my entertainment system. As Boyd Langdon simply puts it in Dollhouse: “The technology exists. It can’t be uninvented.”**

Of course, this brings up the issue of advertising’s future, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

*Wireless internet and router not included.
**Stay tuned for more about my full-fledged fascination with Dollhouse.

Production Work

Just a few samples of video projects I’ve worked on over the years. Obviously my interests are pretty diverse.

One of the more artsy scenes from the feature length movie “Clockwork Sun” I produced (2005-2006, producer and editor)

Max Goldberg at Emerson College (2006, producer, editor, camera 3)

Music video for artist John Paul (2009, producer)

35 sec LOST promo for fun – entry for ABC’s contest (2010, editor AKA why I adore fast cutting)

One “How To” video out of a series I produced for Economy Hardware in Cambridge, MA (2009-2010, producer and editor)


Ok last night when I realized that the Emerson Lady Gaga LipDub won’t play on this site due to the restricted content (oh copyright…) I clicked over to YouTube to watch the video one more time. That was shortly before 6pm yesterday (Tuesday Dec 14). The video had about 90,000 views, which is impressive for being up for only 5 days.

This morning it was on Yahoo’s home page and was featured in Vulture. Now the video has 378,483 views.

Congrats Emerson. You’ve been legitimatized and I LOVE YOU!

Now if only we could get #emersonlipdub trending on Twitter…

Emerson College Lady Gaga LipDub

I have never been more proud to be an Emersonian! The timing and transitions are just…perfect.

My Long Lost Love – Art Video

It’s been years since I fooled around to make any sort of art video, and I realized that fact really saddens me since art video is how I came into this world in the first place! I discovered this video while doing research on classical music blogs at work, and it really awakened me to this world I’ve been missing from.

Freedom Tunnel from Charles le Brigand on Vimeo.

Ever since I lived in London I’ve had this wisp of an idea to create art videos comprised of very short shots, edited very fast (as I love to edit) that portray the feelings of the city. Looking back, I REALLY wished I had done this in London, as it’s such a dynamic, colorful and freaking exciting city, but doing a couple of these for Boston would be interesting. Right now I have ideas for a day in the life of the city and the 9-5 drudgery. I want these videos to be short, no more then 2 minutes max, and the main purpose is to make the viewer FEEL whatever the video is about. I love playing with emotions and video…it’s why I got into it in the first place.

London seems so long ago. There’s a lot I miss, especially my art video teacher Hope and Chris, the media guy at ASL. I won an award for art video that year and I feel like I’ve sorta let them down by not pursuing it. But then again, very few types of art actually pay the bills these days….especially in this economic climate. Oh well. At least I have a good job and I work with people I really like!

That being said, I MUST make an effort to do more video. Seriously, Eleanor. You only studied it for five years.