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#Piers Morgan Twitter Show & Dreaming Big!

I loved Tuesday night’s Piers Morgan show! It reinforced just how much Twitter is truly changing our world – for the better.

Here are some ideas I particularly liked, and I’ll elaborate on a few below:

  • With Twitter, there is a lot less pressure to be perfect because of the sheer volume of information
  • Twitter allows first hand, immediate testimony
  • It’s all about the content
  • Celebrities can control the personal information that gets out almost immediately
  • Twitter is THE listening platform of our generation
  • Local government can be more effective by using Twitter
  • We establish a real connection and have conversations with prominent figures we’d only see from afar in real life

From a news perspective:

Whether you’re a reporter on the ground or a civilian in the middle of a protest, Twitter allows you to broadcast real-time information about what’s going on. This ability is changing the way we consume news, and it’s forcing accountability and honesty. That has been totally key with the uprisings in Egypt and the Middle East, as proven by NYT columnist Nick Kristof.

Hell, even after shutting off the Internet, the Egyptian government couldn’t stem the flow of information. Companies like Google have proved they are ready to jump in and help keep communication lines open because it’s the right thing to do. You can’t stop the signal.

From a content perspective:

I loved that @jack stated that it’s about the content more than anything. Influence by sheer numbers isn’t as important as the actual information. There have been multitudes of studies about this. As someone with a large background in editorial and writing, I loved that the creators of Twitter themselves reinforced my belief that content is king.

Alyssa Milano spoke about the ability to control personal information with Twitter. For her, it was the outlet she used to announce the gender of her baby. Because she could do it in her words, it makes it so much more personal. Celebrities must love this!

From a social good perspective:

I squealed with pleasure when Alyssa talked about charity: water and how Twitter allowed her to raise a ton of money for this amazing organization. It’s ability to crowd-source is phenomenal!

From a government perspective:

Newark Mayor Cory Booker really impressed me with his down to earth conversational style that oozes passion and dedication. Listening to him describe using Twitter to literally dig Newark out after a massive snow storm hit the Northeast was downright inspiring.

It’s no secret that government, even of the local variety, tends to get bogged down in bureaucracy. This has always frustrated me, but hearing Mayor Booker describe hitting the streets, rounding up constituents via Twitter to shovel snow and even bring food and diapers to home-bound citizens gave me shivers.

The tools to make our country great again are here and it’s time to harness them! Let’s forget our fears of failure or  unknown technology and get our hands dirty. We CAN create positive change in our communities, and Mayor Booker has proven that. Just jump.

From a connection perspective:

I’m thrilled to have a concrete example of how Twitter facilitates conversation between everyday people and celebrities, politicians, etc.

An hour before Piers began, I was tooling around on Twitter and saw this from Bill Lawrence, one of my absolute favorite people in the television world:

Having followed both Bill and Christa on Twitter for some time, loving both of their Tweets, I @ replied him this:

(Yeah, I was trying to get a response – but Christa IS beautiful!)

Three minutes later the blinking blue light on my phone told me I had a reply:

I snapped to attention, eager to continue the conversation via my weapon of choice – playful banter:

I didn’t really expect a reply, so when this happened I almost died:

OMG he used my real name!

In an effort to dig myself in deeper (and possibly end up looking super silly), I wrote this:

I then received the confirmation I was praying for:

And that, my friends, is how Twitter lets you talk to people you’d probably never meet in real life.

Talking to Bill Lawrence has been on my bucket list for years, and though this was incredibly exciting (albeit short), I’m not ready to cross it off yet because I’m holding out for talking to him in person. Gotta dream big, baby!