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This is the Future of Advertising

The Super Bowl was last night, and as I’m sure you’ve heard if not seen, there was a major blackout during the third quarter. This problem for the game itself was actually a golden opportunity for advertisers.

I was thrilled to see a couple brands immediately take advantage of the situation. The key to this is timing, and having the ability to make quick decisions, execute, and most importantly – have those upstairs execs sign off on your creativity.

Here’s the best of the social TV advertising last night:

This is advertising I can get behind. It’s not a faceless corporation screaming messages at unconcerned consumers – it’s a dialogue where humor wins and personality shines through. I love it!

My $.02 About the 2011 Super Bowl Ads

Twitter is all a-buzz with the Super Bowl ads last night, and I’m going to jump on the bandwagon – but just for a second.

I don’t get why the Chrysler ad is getting so much positive attention. Yes, it was very well produced (but most car ads are these days, there’s nothing new there) and I guess it pumped up a crumbling city using good music and an emotional script, but have we forgotten that whole GM bailout thing from last year?

The ad was two minutes long. At the reported $3 million for 30 seconds of air time last night, elementary math says that around $12 million was spent for those two minutes. What would YOU do with $12 million?

Personally, I’d prefer to see bail out cash going to workers’ benefits or at least something productive, not a Super Bowl commercial! Are that many people going to run out and buy a Chrysler now? I’m disappointed.

On a much more positive note, my favorite spot was definitely the Volkswagen with mini Darth Vader. I laughed out loud when previewing it last week, and I laughed out loud again Sunday night. The father’s eyebrow raise was the best part…and I want that Vader costume in adult size!