Video Work

I’m all about human connection and emotion, and video is my weapon of choice for pursuing these passions.

Alas, in the real world my career in social media/social TV (first at Bluefin Labs, and now at Twitter), dominates my time, so I’ve had to put a hold on my video production in recent years. I try to work it in whenever I can (check out these product walk-throughs for Bluefin).

Below is a small collection of some of my favorite video projects, and you can also check out some of my work on YouTube.

A taste of what I’ve produced:

“Haec Dies” composed by Tom Vignieri

A wedding gift for my friends Liz Fox and Stephen Cramer.

My very first official video, called “Midnight Catharsis.” It was produced in London, and won the 2004 Loudoun County Film Festival.

A promo video I created for, featuring The Estate in Boston and Paris Hilton!

One of the more artsy scenes from the feature length movie “Clockwork Sun” I produced (2005-2006, producer and editor)

Max Goldberg at Emerson College (2006, producer, editor, camera 3)

Music video for artist John Paul (2009, producer)

35 sec LOST promo for fun – entry for ABC’s contest (2010, editor AKA why I adore fast cutting)

One “How To” video out of a series I produced for Economy Hardware in Cambridge, MA (2009-2010, producer and editor)

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